10 Best Practices to Find the Best Outsourcing Team


Is your project suffering from a shortage of qualified software developers or overhead costs of building and maintaining an in-house development team of full positions? If yes, then you are not the only one.

In the current IT industry, every business is embarking on a digital transformation venture, so a majority of them are turning to outsource service companies to hire a dedicated team or augment IT experts for their internal development squads.

Outsourcing offers a great way to reduce project costs and improve the existing resources in a more cost-efficient manner, and it brings a lot of benefits to your reach. Unfortunately, it is such a daunting mission to find and hire the right outsourcing team because there are various factors required to set up a successful team, even when you entrust the task to service providers. In this article, we will discuss ten best practices to hire the best outsourcing team for your project. Whether you know how to build a tech team or not, these ways will make it easier for you to get the right people for your project.

Benefits of outsourcing software development teams

Before jumping into the main points, let’s go over the benefits of outsourcing development teams:

  • Lower costs: One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing software development teams is that it helps reduce project costs significantly. Companies no longer have to worry about investing in expensive architecture, training programs for internal employees, or long-term contracts with IT vendors. By opting for an outsourcing team, businesses can cut down on their costs and save money.
  • Access to specialized skills: Outsourcing teams provide access to highly skilled professionals who are experienced in working with specific technologies and frameworks, as well as knowledge of industry trends and the latest advancements in software development. Having experts who specialize in certain areas can be incredibly beneficial for businesses that need to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Increased flexibility: Outsourcing teams offer more flexible engagement models, which means that businesses can adjust the size of the development team according to their changing needs and demands. This allows companies to adapt quickly in a rapidly changing landscape while keeping project costs under control.
  • Quality assurance: Hiring an outsourcing team ensures that businesses have access to quality assurance processes and testing procedures. This helps ensure the delivered product is of high quality and meets end-user requirements.
  • Increased scalability: Outsourcing teams are highly scalable, which means that businesses can quickly scale up or down depending on their project needs without having to worry about additional costs and resources.
  • Faster turnaround time: By hiring an outsourcing team, businesses can also benefit from faster turnaround times. The team is able to work on multiple projects simultaneously and deliver results quickly, helping businesses meet tight deadlines and achieve their goals in a timely manner.
  • Expertise: Outsourcing teams can provide access to resources with expertise in different languages, platforms, technologies, and frameworks. This ensures that the project will be up to industry standards and compliant with all applicable regulations.
  • Dedicated resources: Outsourcing teams are usually composed of dedicated professionals who are focused on the project and can provide ongoing support even after the project is completed. This makes it easier for businesses to get their projects done efficiently and within budget.
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Some common ways to pick and choose the right outsourced development team

Now that we’ve discussed some of the advantages of hiring an outsourcing team. Let’s take a look at the best practices for finding the right one:

, 10 Best Practices to Find the Best Outsourcing Team

, 10 Best Practices to Find the Best Outsourcing Team


  • Understand the outsourcing engagement model which your business needs: The engagement model you select plays an important role when selecting an outsourcing team. There are different models, such as time-and-materials, fixed prices, blended pricing, and dedicated teams.
  • Research before choosing the right provider: Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding the right vendor for your project, there are many vendors that specialize in specific areas. Make sure to research and compare the services they offer before hiring a team.
  • Comparing vendors: Once you have shortlisted some vendors, it is time to compare them on the basis of their pricing, experience, technologies they support, industry certifications, scalability options, etc.
  • Request for a dedicated team: One of the ways to ensure the best team performance is to request a dedicated team. A dedicated development team will be able to communicate more effectively and provide better-quality results.
  • Understand your requirements: Before beginning your search, you need to determine what skills and capabilities are required from a team. Also, you should ask yourself if they will be available on-site or remotely and how much time they need to complete the project.
  • Agree on terms and conditions: Make sure your team agrees to all of your terms and conditions before hiring them. This includes ensuring that the team follows a certain set of processes and standards for delivering results.
  • Track performance and progress: It is imperative to track the performance and progress of your team regularly. This will help you identify any issues in a timely manner and make sure that your project is progressing as expected.
  • Consider long-term involvement: The right outsourcing team can bring great value to your business, so consider investing in a long-term engagement. This will ensure that your team is familiar with the project, which will eventually save you time and money in the future.
  • Be open to communication: Communication is key when working with an outsourcing team. Make sure they understand exactly what you want and that they are open to feedback and communication throughout the project.
  • Review and evaluate regularly: Regularly review and evaluate the progress of your team’s performance. This will help you identify any issues quickly and ensure that the project is running as planned.
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These are only some of the ways to find and hire an outsourcing team for your project. However, it may seem like a daunting task, but taking the time to do your research and compare vendors can help you find the right team for your project. When done correctly, an outsourcing team can bring great value to your business.

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